Different Lyft Car Options

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During early days, Lyft application had few limited options. You could only open the application and request a ride. It is also possible to get Lyft Codes for Existing Users of the service. But over time the application has undergone major upgrading introducing different options to enable ease use and convenience.

These alternatives allow you to select a ride that best suits your requirements to different destinations. Depending on the number of passengers and the final destination, you can conveniently select an appropriate alternative. You can also choose a luxurious ride or opt to share a cab with different passengers traveling on the same route.

Lyft car options

Lyft car option

It’s an on-demand ride request to a preferred destination. The passengblack carer capacity ranges from one to four passengers. It offers a low-cost competitive advantage to users. Drivers use their cars and don’t have to have a special license to qualify.

However, the driver needs to have a clean driving history and has to pass a background check. There are restrictions regarding the car to be used. It must be manufactured in 2000 or earlier and has to pass visual inspection.

Lyft plus

This alternative allows up to six or more passengers share a common car. The traveling cost is slightly higher due to a higher engine running cost of vehicles with large passenger capacity. All the other things regarding vehicle model and driver qualifications are the same. Drivers can also receive requests from different Lyft car options.

Lyft Premier

This features luxury car ride requests with four passengers sitting capacity. The associated costs are slightly higher due to luxury and comfort associated. It can only be used in few selected cities which include Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco Bay area.

Premier vehicles under this category are luxury sedans and are fitted with fine leather interiors. Examples include Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW and Lincoln.

Lyft linepink car

This alternative allows passengers are riding on the same route share a common car. Currently, it is only available in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and it works much more same like a carpool. It brings together passengers traveling to the same route in the same vehicle.

The traveling expense is shared equally among the passengers. To select this option you have to input your final destination. The Lyft application then links the passengers with a line driver traveling to the common destination. It offers passengers a cheaper riding option since the traveling cost is divided equally among the passengers.