An Overview Of Golf Rangefinders

A lot of golfers are now taking advantage of golf rangefinders to take their game to the next level. They can use it to reduce a number of strokes they make during play. They are fantastic gadgets, which help players determine the distance of objects like trees, flag, and bunkers. Ensure you purchase the best golf laser rangefinder to improve your game. If you want to use golf rangefinder as part of the game, there are various types of rangefinders, which you can buy.


There are GPgolfS rangefinders. GPS is an abbreviation for the global positioning system, and it works using satellite technology. In this way, they can accurately measure distances of different objects that are on the golf course. There is a laser version, which works through firing a beam of light at the object. You will then calculate the time, which a beam takes to return. These devices have been found to be quite accurate. You should learn how to choose the right one that suits your needs.


Golf rangefinders have several features you should know as a golfer. For instance, laser rangefinders are designed to measure the distance of objects by reflecting light. Thus, bunkers, hills, and trees can be measured. Some courses have reflectors, which measure the distance. They can be used away from a golf course in surroundings such as hunting and house building.

You should note that GPS units use pre-determined points to measure the distance. You can use advanced models, which give you an aerial view of the hole. If you are playing a golf course that you are not familiar with, you will find this unit great.

Easy to use

The processgolf yard of using a rangefinder is quite similar to that of a camera. You can aim at the object and push the button. They want you to download the course that you will play. This explains why they are quite complicated. However, after setting up, you will find them quite easy to use as the laser rangefinder.


If you are using a laser rangefinder, it may be quite difficult to measure the distance of the horizontal objects like sand and water. Thus, you should find an object, which is nearby to measure the distance and object. The major problem with GPS units is that they require regular membership fees to use certain features.

Both these devices (laser and GPS rangefinders) have their pros and cons. However, the most important factor to consider is the accuracy.