Common Problems with Tablets and How to Fix Them

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The use of tablets is on the rise, but it is not without its fair share of challenges. Like many other gadgets, tablets experience some problems which are common regardless of the brand and the operating system running the device.

Here is a look at these common problems with tablets and how to fix them.

Battery issues

man drawing on tabTablet batteries tend to discharge faster after being in use for a while. Recharging the battery helps solve the problem in the meanwhile but as time goes by the frequency of recharging will increase. Why does this problem arise? The use of apps that are designed for use with newer versions of the OS and using the tablet for too long without letting it rest are the main reasons.

How can you solve this? Prevent it from happening by using apps that are supported by the OS version running the tablet. Avoid using the tablet for extended periods especially when carrying out activities like surfing the internet or using the phone as a WiFi hotspot. A new charger may help if the problem is due to it undercharging.

Unresponsive screen

Touchscreen feature is among the major reasons why tablets are so lucrative. There comes a time when the screen becomes unresponsive to touch making it impossible for you to operate the device. This has many causes, but the commonest include a low battery, RAM being too busy and physical damage to the screen such as cracking due to a fall. These can be solved by simply charging the tablet, freeing up RAM space by stopping background programs from running and repairing physically damaged screen respectively. To avoid the latter problem make use of a screen protector which are available for every tablet out there. This way when the tablet falls, the protector is damaged instead of the screen. This is much cheaper to replace.

Computer not detecting the tablet

tab and phoneIt is common practice to transfer files from your tablet to a computer or vice versa. This can be easily done through a USB cable. At times you will have a cable connected, but your computer refuses to recognize that there is a device connected. What do you do? The first course of action is to confirm that the cable is working by trying it with another device. Also, confirm that the computer is not the one with a problem by trying connecting to another computer. If both the cable and computer are working perfectly, you need to install a new driver to your tablet. Go to the tablet menu and update the software.

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