Different Skateboarding Styles To Try

boy playing skateboard

One of the top things about skateboarding is a broad range of styles, which you can try out. You can prefer a particular style over another. However, various styles can help make you build up your skills and be a creative skateboarder. In this post, you will learn some popular styles you can try out. You need to compare the best electric skateboards and get the best one for you. The following are some of the styles:

Top skateboarding styles to try

Street skateboarding

This is a very popular skateboarding style that is commoman playing skateboardnly practiced by teenagers. It involves some tricks over different urban obstacles such as stairs, rails, benches, and much more. This particular style offers you a lot of weight under your control. As a result, wheels and decks of the street skaters can be compared to those used by racers. You should note that they are stiffer and provide adequate control as you perform your tricks.


This style involves riding very fast and as long as possible. You can use this particular skateboard type. It is advisable to use models with looser trucks, large decks, and excellent skateboarding wheels. These can offer you adequate fluidity and speed of motion as compared to regular skateboards.

Freestyle skateboarding

This type of skateboarding involves various tricks over the urban obstacles. However, it is popular in doing your tricks on flat surfaces. Other than the ability to perform tricks, choreography, and music are associated with this particular style.

Downhill skateboarding

This is similar to cruising as it involves a lot of speed. Also, downhill is about getting to the finish line. Long boards are popular as they deliver a great speed. They are larger with bigger wheels as compared to street skateboards.

Skateboarding at the park

This ispeople playing skateboard for people that want to skateboard in a place they consider safe. The park is also ideal for those that want to avoid various obstacles that can hinder them to carry out tricks. You should note that skate parks have their obstacles such as ramps, rails, and stairs. Thus, you can carry a lot of tricks on a broad range of obstacles in a single park. You can choose to do it in private or public skate parks. Some of them require entrance or registration fees.

Nowadays, there are several skateboarding styles, which you need to explore. The above are just of the styles you need to consider.