Facts To Know About Cell Phone Radiations

Discussions about the health risks of using cell phones have been with us ever since mobile phones first hit the markets. These are not just any other hazards, but the danger of electromagnetic radiation from the phones. The risks associated with these emissions are real. As such, some manufacturers have set out on a mission to ensure the risks linked to these emissions are reduced. Innovative cell phone cases have been observed to guard against such emissions.

Facts to know about cell phone radiationswoman on phone

Cell phones connect to each other via electromagnetic emissions. These radiations possess lower energy and pose minimal risk to your health. However, continued exposure to these rays is what troubles most cell phone users. The risks associated with these radiations include formations of cancerous cells with other studies suggesting that they could affect the sperm count.

Do you need to protect yourself from cell phone radiations?

The need to protect your body against cell phone emissions depends on the level of concern you have about your body absorbing these rays. In most instances, the need to protect yourself is out of personal concern considering existing studies about cell phone radiations have not been very conclusive. If you are worried by these radiations, there are many ways you might reduce the emissions you are exposed to.

Tips for reducing radiation exposure from your cell phone

Using the hands-free or loudspeaker when receiving helps in curbing the magnitude of cell phone radiation exposure. Another good way to reduce these amounts is always keeping your phone charged up. Having a low battery could mean that your phone has to work harder, which could mean producing more radiations. Using a landline might also be a safe alternative particularly for young children who spend most of their times indoors.

Cell phone protective cases

phone cameraUsing radiation reducing cell phone cases is another way of reducing the amounts of emissions getting into your body. How does an anti radiation phone case work? These special cases have a special circuit board that takes away these radiations from your head. Ideally, they do not block or absorb the emissions entirely but decrease the concentrations flowing into your head.

As expected, these special cases are relatively expensive than normal cases. If you are thinking about protecting yourself from phone radiations and you are not willing to stop using your phone anytime soon, buying an anti-radiation phone case is the way to go.