Research and Development in the Vaping Industry

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Vaping has been around for many years since 2007 when electronic cigarettes hit the shelves of stores around the world. Over the last decade, the industry has evolved to accommodate the diverse and growing needs of smokers who want to quit smoking habits.

Any industry can only evolve if there is a lot of research ongoing. With adequate research and development, the industry can move. Unfortunately, in this industry R & D is still stifled. Why hasn’t there been a lot of research ongoing? In any case, this is a successful industry that has changed the lives of many people.

Need for Research in Vaping

vaping kitThe truth is that vaping is a new technology that was developed to provide people with a smoke-free alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. In any case, the product has achieved a lot like a large part of the population has stopped smoking after picking up vaping. Although a lot of smokers have realized that vaping has helped them to kick the habit, there is no adequate research to show that it works. This explains why a lot of smokers are still not convinced that vaping is worth something to try.

If the companies and manufacturers in this industry could do a lot of research, they can convince the community of smokers with evidence that their products can help them quit. Moreover, they would develop advanced technology to satisfy the needs of smokers.

Reasons for Lack of Research

The vaping industry has not carried out adequate research because it lacks adequate financial backing. In any case, it is expensive to carry out research and development. Just like other industries, the vaping industry requires third-party backing to carry out large-scale studies relating to vaping products.

Another reason for the lack of research and development has to do with the massive financial influence of tobacco processing companies. It is still unclear, why a popular industry like vaping lacks adequate research.

woman vapingIn some countries, vaping studies are backed up by the government. For instance, changes in legislation have been made to support the vaping industry. Some countries recognize that vaping is more effective as compared to nicotine patches and gum in helping people to quit smoking. Recent studies have shown that vaping products and e-cigarettes are less toxic as compared to conventional cigarettes.