The No-Handle Hover board

red No-Handle Hover board

Have you ever seen people riding these contraptions with two wheels and a handle? Did you ever wonder what they were? Well, they have various names, some are called Segways, Scooters and other similar generic names, but now you may be even more surprised with the ones without handles and smaller wheels.

How to ride themNo-Handle Hover board

These hoverboards are powered by batteries and two motors for each wheel. They are self-balancing and have inbuilt gyro’s and, therefore, easy to use. You can learn to ride them after approximately 30mins of trying. Even children can use them as they do not travel that fast with a top speed of about 7 to 8 miles an hour. This is about the same speed a regular jog.

Who can use them?

They can be used by anyone that wants to get around short distances without tiring themselves. They can be used by children and adults but for children adult supervision is advised.

How much to they cost?

While their bigger brother with the handles can cost anything from $2000 to $8000, these little baby’s will easily cost you under 1000 dollars. Most of them are manufactured in China and are branded with different names by the suppliers.

How long Do the batteries last?

You can easily get about 15 Miles off a fully charged hoverboard and Will be great if you work in a building that requires you to walk from one end to another frequently.

They are however unable to overcome small steps or bumps but can easily go up or downhill once you have mastered the art of using them. In fact, all you need to do is think of moving forward or backward, turning left or right. The wheels are made of solid rubber so you will not have to trouble yourself with flats.

The gadgets are rather robust and can handle a weight of about 220lbs. However, if they are dropped, they will get scratched easily even though they won’t break.


If you are looking for a fun way to get around, or just like to have this gadget so you can have some fun at the park or in your neighborhood, you should try it. It will give you a great experience. It can be ordered online and depending on where you order it from; you can be having some good fun in a couple of weeks.