Uber Promotion Code

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Uber is an American international transportation network company. It’s headquarter is in San Francisco in California. The company does have a mobile app that is available on a smartphone. There are various promo codes, which are found online. The promo codes are mainly for the new users. Though there some Uber Promotion Code that existing users may need to know, therefore it’s important to read this article to know them.

The company has expanded to other cities outside the Uwoman in carnited States. All the payment for the rides are not handled by the drivers instead it is Uber. The payment system is that of metered taxis. They are known offer punctual and comfortable transport services. They do inform the customers when they increase their prices.

Promo code

For existing users, they may enjoy the following free rides, which will help them enjoy discounted rides and save money.
$20 Uber code: rideshare
$50 lyft code:
$zip car promo code

How to apply for the promo code

  1. First download the Uber app.
  2. Use the menu, which is located on the left side.
  3. Enter the keyword promo code under the promotion and a list of the promo codes that are currently being offered will appear.
  4. Enter the payment method you will use which should be the default. The payment is done electronically.
  5. To recharge your Uber account with free ride credit enter ride share under the promo code.

Uber website

You can apply for the promo code while on the Uber website. The following is how you go about it:

  1. You have to sign to the rider portal at uber.com
  2. Click on the promotion button
  3. On the space that will appear type promo code rideshare and submit
  4. The last step is the appearance of the credit in your Uber app.

  • Consumers can track the car that is coming to pick them up.
  • Uber helps to reduce congestion
  • Consumers can choose which car they want to ride in
  • Clients are assured of their security since the drivers have investigated about their background.


There are numerous Uber promo codes, the user should keep in mind these promo codes are available to people using Uber for the first time. One of the main tip as a first-time passenger you can use requests your first ride to ensure the free ride credit will be valid towards that first ride.