The Safe Way To Use Air Purifiers Ozone Generators That Get Rid Of Bad Smells

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Are you worried about using air purifier ozone generators that get rid of smells near your family? Possibly, someone has told you that ozone is dangerous, but you have also heard of others who have succeeded with them.

What you may need to know

moleculeOzone is just like other important things in life. Eating too much makes you overweight, using too much life-saving medication can make you more ill and too much water can cause drowning. At very high concentration, ozone may cause throat irritation, coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath. Ozone can also worsen some chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and also compromise your body’s ability to fight respiratory infections.

Susceptibility of people to ozone highly varies. And therefore it is wise to run an ozone machine on the lowest setting in properly ventilated spaces when pets and people are present. Furthermore, to use ozone properly, you will need to consider the problems you need to solve.

If you only need to sanitize the air you and your family breathe, to eliminate cooking odors or to eliminate the smell of stale tobacco in spaces you regularly occupy, such as your vehicle, your home or office, then you can use ozone generators in these spaces when still occupied. However, you should ensure that the ozone concentration is below the safe level.

But if you are in need of higher ozone concentrations, it will be a more effective solution even though you will have to utilize the ozone amount when space is unoccupied. You should not use higher concentration in rooms occupied by plants, pets or individuals.

The safest way to use an ozone generator

cozy roomTo use an ozone generator safely, you should run them when your rooms are unoccupied. You should utilize all the timers in the unit to switch on the generator when you are out of the room and off one hour before you return. This way, the ozone will have time to dissipate – turn back to oxygen – before you return. In your vehicle, you can run the ozone for 2-3 hours during the night and during the day you will have clean and bacteria free rides.

You can also operate air purifiers ozone generators that get rid of bad smells in adjacent rooms provided that the doors are shut. You can also employ barriers like plastic sheets between the occupied spaces and the rooms you are treating. Operating an ozone generator in the basement while occupying the upper floor isn’t a problem since ozone is heavier than air and it will, therefore, remain within the basement. In addition to getting rid of bad smells, you can use the generators to kill molds, bacteria, and mildew.