Tips to Help Speed Up Your Mac Computer

mac optimization

After an extended period of using a Mac computer, you should expect to experience some lagging problems. During such events, it’s often a sign that you need to optimize your computer. Luckily, numerous computer specialists and enthusiasts have share tips on how to fix such issues. If you are in France, you can find several applications software like CleanMyMac X with ‘le retour positif des utilisateurs.’ There are multiple steps that you can use to improve your computer’s performance. Below are some useful ideas.

Cleaning Up Software Applications

mac osFor the majority of Mac computer owners with this issue, lack of storage space is often the cause. The more the driver becomes full, the slower it functions. By clicking on the Apple log located at the top left of the screen, you can analyze storage space. When you want to clear space, there are two common options you can use. The first idea includes offloading large media content from your computer’s drive to iCloud.

For photo lovers, using the iCloud Photo Library should come in handy for space-saving. For more storage space on iCloud, you will pay a fee, but it’s cheaper than replacing your computer. The second option is permanently deleting files that you no longer use. If you have any external drivers, you can backup all your old data to optimize storage.

Find Out Resource Hog Apps

If you notice your computer becomes sluggish during intense multitasking, you can quickly determine which apps utilize more resources. Access the Activity Monitor by seeking it with Spotlight. The figures displayed will fluctuate regularly. Nonetheless, the numbers show the number of memory and CPU resources every software is using. Once you identify the resource hogs, you can use alternatives that don’t take up much system resources.

Minimize Login Items

If you experience lag during booting, the issue is likely because of multiple logins. Several apps begin running as soon as you turn on your Apple computer. Many of these apps open at startup due to default settings. You can change the settings from the ‘Login Items’ tab found in the ‘System Preferences.’

Regularly Update MacOS

Apple rolls out new versions of the Mac operating system as free upgrades. The latest versions of the operating system come with security and performance enhancements. These improvements help your computer function smoothly and reliably. Go to settings to make sure that the automatic software update feature is active. As long as you have internet access, you have no reason to stay outdated.