Top Options To Consider When Selecting A Lorex Security System For Your Premises


Lorex security system cameras are a preferred choice among conscientious homeowners because they are very effective at protecting indoor and outdoor property from theft and vandalism. However, with a wide range of technologies and styles available, you may want to think about your preferences in order to make the right choice.

The Number of Cameras You NeedCCTV

The size of your compound is a vital factor as well as camera placement position on the area of coverage. The main advantage with Lorex security devices is that you can add any number of cameras to your home surveillance system at any time; this allows you to manage them over the same network.

Camera Style

Dome cameras are relatively inconspicuous because they tend to blend in perfectly with their environment. Some varieties are equipped with smoked enclosures for a discreet appearance. There are however special bullet cameras that are easily spotted by intruders and visitors. You can consider going for dome cameras if you want to hide your security system from other people, or you can consider bullet cameras to ward off potential trespassers.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are essential for deterring burglars from breaking and entering or trespassers from idling on your property. These help record any unusual activity that may occur on or around your property. Indoor cameras, on the other hand, play a big role in capturing addition footage that the outdoor camera may not be able to record. Both indoor and outdoor camera systems are crucial in putting together the premises video surveillance system.

Day Vs Night Cameras

Many Lorex security cameras are equipped with true day and night visibility to record images even in complete darkness. Night cameras play a big role in safeguarding your driveway since more than 60% of motor vehicle thefts tend to take place at night. Whether you want to maximize on day or night performance, think carefully about what features are ideal for you.

cameraSome Good Features You Should Expect In Lorex Security Devices

(1)Remote monitoring through the delivery of IP surveillance video.

(2)Scalability – so you are assured of adding new cameras successfully in the future.

(3)High megapixel image quality. Keep in mind that 80% of security camera footage recorded nowadays is unusable by law enforcement officers due to poor video quality.
Lorex remains a highly esteemed company in this industry. They are known to provide a range of high-quality systems that have been proven superior to others. Their different products come with different features and models, and so it would be good for you to become familiar with those that may fit your needs. See Lorex security system reviews here to learn more about your options.