How to Fax with Google Drive

Below are ways to fax with Google drive. Read on

Online Fax Services

fax machineThis is a virtual machine which can receive and send faxes on your behalf. The service provides the users with a fax number which is later used to receive and send faxes through a web interface, computer program, smartphone app or email. To send or receive faxes using the online fax services, no phone line is needed. You only need an internet connection.

Many of these services uses email. To send a fax, you will be required to create an email first. The email body becomes the cover page while the attached is converted to be the main part of the fax. The receiver will receive the fax as a normal email but the fax will be fax sent as a PDF. The files can as well be integrated with Google docs and if so, a fax can be send directly from Google Drive.

A Connected Fax Machine

This when we use fax machines or printers with a fax option to send faxes. To operate this way, you will be required to connect the land-line phone and machine. It is now possible to send a fax from the computer to the fax machine. Remember the two are connected using a cable or some models can be connected using Bluetooth or WI-FI. Many people do the faxing using the print drive.

Fax Software

standard print papersThis is software installed on your computer to replace the fax machine. The software is available for windows 8, 7, Vista and XP or Linux computer. There are no fax soft wares for Apple computers. You will then be required to get a fax modem, landline phone line and the fax software.

The software acts more like an email program. Only that in this case, you will be required to use a fax number. In both Linux and Windows, the document will be downloaded as PDF from Google Drive then faxed through the software.


  1. Can a fax be send directly from a Google drive file? Yes, but from a connected fax machine only and only if you can print the file first.
  2. Can a Google drive fax be faxed in its original format? Yes, using a connected fax machine. In this case, a print driver is used to send fax connected with a fax machine. All file that can print to a standard paper size including Google doc files can be faxed.

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Beginners Guide To Google Fax


Nowadays we do not need a facsimile machine to send and receive faxes anymore. If you have internet connectivity and a Gmail address, then you have all you need to start the next step in fax technology: email to fax. Click Google fax for more information. Thanks to this technology all types of users can fax from Gmail, without having to deal with the inconveniences and costs of a traditional faxing machine.

Getting Started

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The best way to begin with this technology is through the use of email fax services. These services help you link a virtual fax number to your email address so you can receive and send faxes in the same way you send and receive regular emails. Thanks to Gmail features, you will easily categorize and sort your faxes, so they are readily available in the future. On top of that, using a Gmail to fax helps you take advantage of other Google services such as Google Docs, which helps you share some faxes with people in your company.

Virtual Account Number

The number you get with a service is included in your account, and it is virtual. This means your fax number works over an Internet connection and does not need you to install a new phone line in your office. Moreover, this number is ready to be used just minutes after you complete the quick sign up process.

Other Services Offered

Gmail faxing offers several cool features that were impossible to have using old faxing ways.
• Scheduling lets you send a fax automatically at the time and date of your choice. This is a very desirable characteristic that is used several times when you need to send a fax while away from the office.
• Broadcasting reduces the time-consuming task of sending a document to multiple recipients to just adding their numbers in your email fax.
• Using Gmail’s jjjdjjdjdkjksksaksjsjsCc function in the compose windows, you can enter all the recipients of your document, without having to dial each one of them manually.
• There is also unlimited storage options so that you can have documented both in Gmail and in your web dashboard.
• Mobile faxing is perhaps the most interesting feature. Some service have developed apps that let you turn smartphones such as the iPhone into a portable and compact faxing machine. This is a very attractive feature of email fax services because it gives you total freedom to fax on the go.

Gmail faxing is fast, cheaper and it is not complicated at all. This has to be the most user-friendly fax technology ever, accessible for both business and individual professionals looking for a fast facsimile solution.