Facts To Know About Cell Phone Radiations

Discussions about the health risks of using cell phones have been with us ever since mobile phones first hit the markets. These are not just any other hazards, but the danger of electromagnetic radiation from the phones. The risks associated with these emissions are real. As such, some manufacturers have set out on a mission to ensure the risks linked to these emissions are reduced. Innovative cell phone cases have been observed to guard against such emissions.

Facts to know about cell phone radiationswoman on phone

Cell phones connect to each other via electromagnetic emissions. These radiations possess lower energy and pose minimal risk to your health. However, continued exposure to these rays is what troubles most cell phone users. The risks associated with these radiations include formations of cancerous cells with other studies suggesting that they could affect the sperm count.

Do you need to protect yourself from cell phone radiations?

The need to protect your body against cell phone emissions depends on the level of concern you have about your body absorbing these rays. In most instances, the need to protect yourself is out of personal concern considering existing studies about cell phone radiations have not been very conclusive. If you are worried by these radiations, there are many ways you might reduce the emissions you are exposed to.

Tips for reducing radiation exposure from your cell phone

Using the hands-free or loudspeaker when receiving helps in curbing the magnitude of cell phone radiation exposure. Another good way to reduce these amounts is always keeping your phone charged up. Having a low battery could mean that your phone has to work harder, which could mean producing more radiations. Using a landline might also be a safe alternative particularly for young children who spend most of their times indoors.

Cell phone protective cases

phone cameraUsing radiation reducing cell phone cases is another way of reducing the amounts of emissions getting into your body. How does an anti radiation phone case work? These special cases have a special circuit board that takes away these radiations from your head. Ideally, they do not block or absorb the emissions entirely but decrease the concentrations flowing into your head.

As expected, these special cases are relatively expensive than normal cases. If you are thinking about protecting yourself from phone radiations and you are not willing to stop using your phone anytime soon, buying an anti-radiation phone case is the way to go.

Water Damage Phone Repair Tips

phone and water

One of the most serious problems that happen to most cell phones is getting wet. During summer, numerous people search for water damage phone repair services. You require genuine Cell Phone Repair Parts to repair your phone after water damage. With the hot water, and many people going to the beach and others hanging out by the swimming pool, a lot of phones suffer accidental water damage.

This happens when you carry your phone in your shirt pocket or your pants. Another way people damage their cell phones is with sweat. Individuals who exercise a lot often end up with damaged phones. Phone water damage requires very fast attention, if you wait for too long, the damage may be serious or too much to be repaired.

Causes of cell phone water damage

Swimming pool water has a lot of chlorine, which is highly corrosive. That chlorine and other pool chemicals can destrowet phoney the interior of your phone completely if not treated immediately.

Household water and sweat are also very corrosive because a lot of chemicals such as minerals, chlorine, and other substances are present. Even though household water and sweat may not cause damage as quickly as pool or ocean water, the damage to your phone can be irreversible to if it is not taken care quickly.

Water phone damage of any kind can be very destructive to your expensive phone. This is because when water gets into contact with the interior of the phone, it is very difficult to dry. Again, water can erode or short circuit the electronic components which make up the internal of the phone.

Ocean water is very salty; this makes it highly destructive. Phone water damage happens very quickly. Even though there are several cell phone repair stores, they are somehow expensive, and you may want to trphoney some things by yourself.

Drying your phone in the microwave or hairdryer is not the best idea since it will cause more damage to the phone. One way that is recommended is to open your cell phone and put it in uncooked rice overnight.

If your phone gets wet, here are first steps to follow

  1. Do not turn your phone ON. If your turn it on to check if it is working, this can cause permanent damage.
  2. Remove the phone battery immediately.
  3. Do not use Blow dryer or microwave. Even though your phone may seem dry, the inter part will still be wet and can cause permanent damage.
  4. File a case with your insurance company immediately and check your warranty.

Common iPhone Problems

white iphone

iphoneWhen it comes to cellphones, iPhone is topnotch.It is one of the best smartphones out in the market that you could ever have.It is known for its easy navigation feature, seamless design as well as its high technology iOS operating system.The price is not cheap compared to the other brand of smartphones, but I would say that every penny you spent on getting an iPhone is all worth it.But despite its great features, iPhone is not perfect.It also has its downfalls just like any other type of device.

If you are one of the iPhone fans, below are the common problems that you may encounter.


This happens, especially if you have a lot of apps running on your phone.What you can do is to restart your phone by
holding the power and home buttons at the same time.Let them go once you see the logo, your phone should start rebooting.


The logo of Apple shows up but it just stays there, or you may also get either a plain red or blue screen.Connect your mobile to a computer or laptop and access iTunes.Press and hold the power and home buttons to reboot your phone.Continue pressing until the recovery screen shows up.There would be an error window that will show up on iTunes about the need to update or restore your mobile phone.Click on update and iOS should be reinstalled.This won’t affect the data stored on your phone


Your phone will try to connect to an available wifi, but it keeps failing.
In case this happens, check your router and connections first.You also need to check and make sure that the wifi setting on your phone is turned on.Restart your phone as well as your router.If that does not do anything, reset your network settings.Go to settings, general, reset, and then reset network settings.This will reset your wifi networks as well as your password.

black phoneLOCKED OUT

This is very common among cellphone users especially if you have different passwords or if you keep changing them.The tendency is you would forget them.You will only be given a few times to put in your correct password.If you failed, then you get locked out.
To solve this, connect your iPhone to your computer and go to iTunes.Sync your mobile and let it create a backup.When you see the setup screen,click on restore iphone in iTune.Also, click on restore from iPhone on your mobile.

Protect Your Kids Through The iPhone Spy Software

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Children nowadays especially those who are in their teenage years are so into gadgets. Everywhere you look you can see young boys and girls busy with their cellphones either texting or talking to someone, playing the games installed into their smartphones, updating their different social media accounts, or surfing the Internet. Indeed, the innovations that the modern technology has given birth to changed the new generation’s way of living.

The use of Smartphones

holding a phoneWhile the use of smartphones is beneficial in a lot of ways, sometimes it can also be harmful. People, particularly the young ones, may be exposed or tempted to access information on the Internet that they are not supposed to view. This is one of the things that is bothering some parents. They are having a hard time taking their kids’ hands off their smartphones.

iPhone Spy Software

If you are one of the parents who are bothered by how your kids are behaving particularly when it comes to the use of their mobile phones, then you may want to spy on their activities. Monitoring what your children are doing on their cellphones is already possible. If they have an iPhone, you can utilize the iPhone Spy Software. All you have to do is to download the application using any web browser and install it on your device. This process will only take just a few minutes.Your kids will never know what you are trying to do because they won’t see any icons on their phones.

What are the things that you can see using the iPhone Spy Software?

playing with phoneAfter you have installed the spy software application, you can already start setting it up. You can set it depending on what you want to monitor. You will gain access to your kid’s incoming and outgoing text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, contact details, images and videos, as well as browsing history. All these you can do without your children knowing.

Using the iPhone Spy Software is quite helpful. Through this, you will have an idea of what your kids are doing. And if you find out that they are doing something that is not healthy for their well-being, then you can do some disciplinary actions. As long as you use this particular spy software in a proper way, you will be able to enjoy its benefits.