Water Damage Phone Repair Tips

phone and water

One of the most serious problems that happen to most cell phones is getting wet. During summer, numerous people search for water damage phone repair services. You require genuine Cell Phone Repair Parts to repair your phone after water damage. With the hot water, and many people going to the beach and others hanging out by the swimming pool, a lot of phones suffer accidental water damage.

This happens when you carry your phone in your shirt pocket or your pants. Another way people damage their cell phones is with sweat. Individuals who exercise a lot often end up with damaged phones. Phone water damage requires very fast attention, if you wait for too long, the damage may be serious or too much to be repaired.

Causes of cell phone water damage

Swimming pool water has a lot of chlorine, which is highly corrosive. That chlorine and other pool chemicals can destrowet phoney the interior of your phone completely if not treated immediately.

Household water and sweat are also very corrosive because a lot of chemicals such as minerals, chlorine, and other substances are present. Even though household water and sweat may not cause damage as quickly as pool or ocean water, the damage to your phone can be irreversible to if it is not taken care quickly.

Water phone damage of any kind can be very destructive to your expensive phone. This is because when water gets into contact with the interior of the phone, it is very difficult to dry. Again, water can erode or short circuit the electronic components which make up the internal of the phone.

Ocean water is very salty; this makes it highly destructive. Phone water damage happens very quickly. Even though there are several cell phone repair stores, they are somehow expensive, and you may want to trphoney some things by yourself.

Drying your phone in the microwave or hairdryer is not the best idea since it will cause more damage to the phone. One way that is recommended is to open your cell phone and put it in uncooked rice overnight.

If your phone gets wet, here are first steps to follow

  1. Do not turn your phone ON. If your turn it on to check if it is working, this can cause permanent damage.
  2. Remove the phone battery immediately.
  3. Do not use Blow dryer or microwave. Even though your phone may seem dry, the inter part will still be wet and can cause permanent damage.
  4. File a case with your insurance company immediately and check your warranty.