Common iPhone Problems


eh5jhhj6When it comes to cellphones, iPhone is topnotch.It is one of the best smartphones out in the market that you could ever have.It is known for its easy navigation feature, seamless design as well as its high technology iOS operating system.The price is not cheap compared to the other brand of smartphones, but I would say that every penny you spent on getting an iPhone is all worth it.But despite its great features, iPhone is not perfect.It also has its downfalls just like any other type of device.

If you are one of the iPhone fans, below are the common problems that you may encounter and how to get your iPhone fixed.


This happens, especially if you have a lot of apps running on your phone.What you can do is to restart your phone by
holding the power and home buttons at the same time.Let them go once you see the logo, your phone should start rebooting.


The logo of Apple shows up but it just stays there, or you may also get either a plain red or blue screen.Connect your mobile to a computer or laptop and access iTunes.Press and hold the power and home buttons to reboot your phone.Continue pressing until the recovery screen shows up.There would be an error window that will show up on iTunes about the need to update or restore your mobile phone.Click on update and iOS should be reinstalled.This won’t affect the data stored on your phone


Your phone will try to connect to an available wifi, but it keeps failing.
In case this happens, check your router and connections first.You also need to check and make sure that the wifi setting on your phone is turned on.Restart your phone as well as your router.If that does not do anything, reset your network settings.Go to settings, general, reset, and then reset network settings.This will reset your wifi networks as well as your password.

hgfdghfgh6LOCKED OUT

This is very common among cellphone users especially if you have different passwords or if you keep changing them.The tendency is you would forget them.You will only be given a few times to put in your correct password.If you failed, then you get locked out.
To solve this, connect your iPhone to your computer and go to iTunes.Sync your mobile and let it create a backup.When you see the setup screen,click on restore iphone in iTune.Also, click on restore from iPhone on your mobile.

Are Desktop Computers Becoming Obsolete?


Are desktop computers becoming obsolete? This may be the question in your mind if you own a desktop computer or if you are thinking about buying one. Over the past few decades, technology has been changing rapidly. It is highly likely that today’s devices will be obsolete in the next one or two years. The manufacturers of computers are in constant competition to release the next best technology.

The new technologies launched every year threaten to replace the current technologies. Tablets, laptops and smartphone, are threatening the existence of desktop computers. This is because these smaller devices are capable of doing the things that are done on a desktop computer. However, there are some advantages of desktops computers that make them remain useful in today’s world. The advantages include;

1. They provide more CPU and GPU powerdjysmketk48679958

If you are looking for more CPU(speed) and GPU(graphics) power for gaming, graphics, videos and other demanding task, desktops can be better than most of the smaller devices. You can find the same features that you will find on a powerful desktop computer in a laptop, but the price tag will be significantly higher.

2. More disk space

Desktop computers have more transistors that tablets, laptops and smartphones. Hard drives in laptops that have the same capacity as hard drives in desktops are much slower. A desktop computer that has the same specifications as a given laptop is likely to perform much faster.

3. Desktops are cheaper

Desktops are cheaper than laptops and other devices. A laptop that has the same specifications as a given laptop may be two times more expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for a powerful machine but you are on a limited budget, you should definitely opt for a desktop.

4. It is easier to upgrade desktop computers

mmeudkhxgdmchgfg45748679Desktops are more compatible to upgrades than other smaller devices. This is because there is more space on a desktop for additional hardware. You can upgrade your desktop to make it what you want it to be without worrying about portability.

Is it justifiable to buy a desktop computer?

If you work from home or in a fixed office, or of you need a powerful computer for gaming, heavy programs or anything else, it would be wise to buy a desktop computer. A desktop computer is also a great choice if you are on a shoestring budget. When you have a desktop computer, you can easily upgrade storage, RAM, video card, etc. without worrying about space constraints.

The Benefits of Studying Computer Technology


If you enjoy tackling intellectual challenges, you are fascinated by technology, and you love money, you should choose one of the careers in computer technology. You will no doubt have a fulfilling career in this field. There are many benefits that you are going to enjoy when you pursue a career in computer technology. The key benefits include;

1. Computer technology graduates earn higher salaries

A salary is one of the main things that people think about when choosing a career. Most people want to get into careers that will allow them to earn high salaries. Graduates studying computer technology courses earn higher salaries when they get employed than graduates from other fields. Therefore, when you choose this field, you can be sure that you will be earning higher salaries than other graduates when you get employed. The salaries for people who studied computer technology courses almost match salaries of people who studied lucrative courses such as engineering.

2. You will have high job prospectskshjkmsyr735863598

The is a high demand for people who major in computer technology. This means that it will not be difficult for you to get a job when you graduate with a degree in this field. This is one of the few career paths with a very bright feature. The world today depends on computers, there is no doubt that the future world will even be more dependent on computers. As a major in computer technology, you can be sure that there will always be plenty of jobs that you can do to keep the world running.

3. You will join a fast growing industry

The computer industry has constantly been growing since the discovery of computers. Companies in the computer industry constantly want to introduce a new computer technology so that they can have an edge over their competitors. These companies need the brains of people graduating with computer technology related degrees. This makes the people graduating with degrees in this field be in high demand.

kdghjd,utde46794974. You can work in a wide range of industries

There is no industry today that does not depend on computer technology. All industries depend on computers to run different processes that are important in their daily operation. This means that you can work in a wide range of industries. A career in computer technology does limit you to a given industry like many other career paths. You will have the power to choose the industry that you want to work in.